Belgian Marine Data Centre

The Belgian Marine Data Centre (BMDC) at the Royal Belgian Institute of Natural Sciences is a National Oceanographic Data Centre (NODC) dedicated to the professional processing and long-term storage of marine environmental and fisheries data and production of data products.

Primary objective of BMDC is the safeguarding and the effective management of oceanographic data and information including acquiring, formatting, quality controlling, cataloguing, archiving, disseminating and exchanging of marine data and information.

Access to Applications and Data

At BMDC, we hold a wealth of publicly accessible marine data collected using a variety of instruments and samplers and collated from many sources. We handle biological, ecological, chemical, physical and geophysical data and our oceanographic database contains measurements of more than half a million marine measurement results available online.

Projects and Partners

We are involved in various projects and have built up partnerships with our scientific colleagues at marine research centres:

Eurofleets | Geo-Seas | EMODnet | EMODnet Chemistry | EMODnet Geology | EMODnet Data Ingestion | ODIP | Historical data rescue: 4DEMON | EU-PolarNet

Belspo | SeaDataNet | SeaDataCloud | IOC-IODE | ICES | ICES-DIG | EMODnet Biology


2018-07-02: Données Marine Belges: Contrôle de qualité et nouvelles découvertes

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Becks emptying into the North Sea Photo © Pauline E (cc-by-sa/2.0)