Belgian Marine Data Centre

The Belgian Marine Data Centre (BMDC) at the Royal Belgian Institute of Natural Sciences is a National Oceanographic Data Centre (NODC) dedicated to the long-term storage, the scientific processing and the publication of Belgian marine environmental data.

The mission of BMDC is firstly to assure the safeguarding of meaningful oceanographic data collections as a valuable heritage to support environment assessments of the past, present and future quality state of the North Sea. So far, around half a million marine data are archived in our central oceanographic database and is accessible via our Oceanographic Data request platform.

At BMDC, we hold a wealth of publicly accessible marine data collected using a variety of instruments and samplers and collated from many sources. We handle biological, ecological, chemical, physical and geophysical data and our oceanographic database contains measurements of more than half a million marine measurement results available online.

Projects and Partners

BMDC activities relies on the scientific expertise of a dedicated team of environmental engineers, biologists and informaticians whose expertise is oriented towards the management and the analysis of marine environmental data and the development of related web services.

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2018-07-02: Données Marine Belges: Contrôle de qualité et nouvelles découvertes

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Becks emptying into the North Sea Photo © Pauline E (cc-by-sa/2.0)