Belgian Marine Data Centre

The Belgian Marine Data Centre (BMDC) at the Royal Belgian Institute of Natural Sciences is a National Oceanographic Data Centre (NODC) dedicated to the long-term storage, the scientific processing and the publication of Belgian marine environmental data.

The Belgian Marine Data Centre is a group of scientists within RBINS OD Nature, whose expertise is oriented towards the management and the analysis of marine environmental data.

The mission of BMDC is firstly to assure the safeguarding of meaningful oceanographic data collections as a valuable heritage to support environment assessments of the past, present and future quality state of the North Sea. So far, around half a million marine data are archived in our central oceanographic database and is accessible via our Oceanographic Data request platform.

BMDC also assures the development of information infrastructures and web services related to marine data collection, marine data handling and marine data publication.

We are also involved at national and international scales in various projects and have built up many partnerships with scientific colleagues to develop and share our knowledge and expertise on marine data management.

BMDC activities relies on the scientific expertise of a dedicated team of environmental engineers, biologists and informaticians whose expertise is oriented towards the management and the analysis of marine environmental data and the development of related web services.

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BMDC is made of a team of specialists in oceanography and environmental data management.

  • Serge Scory
  • Ruth Lagring
  • Hong Minh Le
  • Yvan Stojanov
  • Francis Strobbe
  • Thomas Vandenberghe
  • Marianne Schlesser
  • Nicolas de Ville de Goyet

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BMDC participates in

Eurofleets SeaDataNet SeaDataCloud
EMODnet EMODnet Biology EMODnet Chemistry
EMODnet Geology EMODnet Data Ingestion Geo-Seas
Belspo DiSSCo


2018-07-02: Données Marine Belges: Contrôle de qualité et nouvelles découvertes

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Becks emptying into the North Sea Photo © Pauline E (cc-by-sa/2.0)